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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Why I Am Quitting PTC - My Final Blog Post

After almost seven years of involvement with PTC sites I have now decided it is time to move on and focus on other things.  So this will be the last blog entry here at 

There have been a number of contributing factors leading up to my decision to pretty much quit the world of PTC which I would like to share with you.

Reason #1 – Unreasonable rates of pay for tasks

The introduction of tasks, surveys and offer walls by some PTC sites was seen by many as a positive move.  It meant people could earn considerably more each day than they could by simply clicking on ads alone.  And I have to admit that in the beginning I was one of those people who was very much in favour of this new development.  I even published an article here on my blog in June 2013 giving my readers advice about how to earn more money through tasks and offers available at Clix Sense.

However since writing this article my previously positive view has become increasingly tarnished for a number of very good reasons.

Over the last year there has been a dramatic drop in the amount we hard working members have been paid for completing tasks and surveys at Clix Sense.  The amount offered for most tasks has dropped by 66%, and for surveys it has dropped by around 40%. 

To give you an example, last year I frequently completed a number of search and click type tasks through Crowdflower at Clix Sense on behalf of a company called Fisher Investments.  The tasks paid $0.21 (12p) each.  Very similar tasks for that same company now pay $0.07 (4p) each.  And believe it or not, tasks that pay $0.07 are amongst the highest paying. The vast majority pay much less than this.

I personally think it’s immoral for companies like Crowdflower and Clix Sense etc to pay their members $0.01 - $0.03 to carry out what are usually ambiguous 9-10 question tasks that often take in excess of 5 minutes to complete.  That’s $0.25 per hour. It doesn't even cover the cost of the electricity you've used.  And worse still, once you reach the end of the task you are quite frequently told “your answers weren't what we were expecting” or “your accuracy is too low”. You are then promptly expelled from working on the task and you don’t see a crumb of the measly $0.03 or whatever it was they were offering you to do it in the first place.  To say this practice is taking advantage of people who are, let’s face it desperate to earn or they wouldn’t be there in the first place, is an understatement.

Reason #2 – Survey Providers Who Take Your Information but Don’t Pay

Whilst I acknowledge that the paid surveys available through sites like Clix Sense do indeed pay considerably more than the tasks, I have lost count over the last year of how many times I have had to walk away from my computer with steam coming out of my ears after spending 15-20 minutes carefully completing a survey, only to be told once I hit the submit button to claim my payment that I am not eligible to take part.

I don’t care what excuses the survey providers or the PTC site owners come up with.   “We don’t get paid if you don’t get paid” is the classic excuse not to take matters any further made by Clix Sense when this happens.

“We can’t find any record of you taking the survey because you've completed it through a third party” is the standard answer given by the survey companies if you challenge them.

To me it’s quite straightforward.  Stating that you will pay people a set amount in exchange for them giving their personal information and opinions, then taking that information but not honouring the payment once it has been given to you is tantamount to theft. 

If PTC sites like Clix Sense are not prepared to take some responsibility for their members’ losses when it is them who is providing (and almost certainly taking money for providing) the platform in the first place, then they are in my mind just as guilty as those who take your information and run.

Reason #3 – The Rise of the Dreaded $0.001 Ads

When I first started writing this blog pretty much all of the ads at the more reputable PTC sites paid between $0.005 and $0.05 each.  This meant that if you had a team of hard working referrals working with you, it was realistic to see earnings of $150 - $200 per month just from clicking ads alone.  Nowadays the only sites that constantly pay no less than $0.01 and $0.02 per ad are Deals n Cash and Hits 4 Pay

It’s a known fact that traffic from PTC sites is pretty much useless to anyone who is trying to sell anything, as the vast majority of members are freebie seekers and/or for the most part do not have the cash to invest in anything.  So consequently the PTC sites started to struggle to keep the cash flowing in, as advertisers with any kind of budget were seeing virtually no return on their investments and were not prepared to continue paying for advertising. 

So what happens next?  Well in a bid to broaden their appeal the PTC site owners started offering reduced price advertising packages and the $0.001 ad was born!  What you find now is that almost all of the PTC sites pay $0.001 for a good 98% of the ads they publish.  Ads that pay any more than that are like gold dust.

Each of the $0.001 ads usually takes 10 seconds to view, which if you do the maths works out to $0.36 (£0.21) per hour.  Admittedly this is a slightly higher rate than you will earn taking part in most Crowdflower tasks but it still falls way way short of being anything close to acceptable. 

Whilst I think if you are promoting PTC sites to other paid to clickers, purchasing these low cost advertising packages serves some kind of purpose, if you are using PTC sites as a means of generating income from both your own activity and that of your referrals, the rise of these $0.001 ads has made it almost an impossibility to do so.

Reason #4 – I’m Sick of Feeling Sickened by the Injustice of it all

Many people working the PTC sites live in poverty stricken countries, and completing tasks and offers etc often provides them with their primary source of income.  If companies like Crowdflower, Clix Sense, Treasure Trooper and Neobux etc who provide this type of “earning opportunity” had a shred of decency in them, instead of treating people like a commodity and keeping them down at the lowest level they can get away with, they could make positive moves to share their wealth and help to improve people’s everyday lives in the process.  All they would need to do is be prepared to give a little bit and show some recognition of the fact that without their loyal members they would not have a business.  When you consider that Crowdflower makes profits of around 3 million dollars per year, I feel sure they could afford to give something back and still make a profit.  

Sadly it doesn't work like that, as it doesn't with countless big corporations around the world.  Giving is not a word in their vocabulary.  All they are driven by is greed.

I recently read an article published in The Nation in February 2014 which confirms this belief.  The article states that back in 2010 the CEO of Crowdflower, Lukas Biewald is quoted as saying the following when giving a presentation to a group of techies: “Before the Internet, it would be really difficult to find someone, sit them down for ten minutes and get them to work for you, and then fire them after those ten minutes. But with technology, you can actually find them, pay them the tiny amount of money, and then get rid of them when you don’t need them anymore.”

I rest my case.

I have personally struggled with – but am now resigned to - the fact that this situation will never change whilst there are people out there who are prepared to continue working for $0.25 per hour.  And Mr Biewald & co will continue to make millions of dollars of profits off the back of these people year on year for as long as they allow it to happen.

I know that everyone has a choice about how much or how little they are prepared to do where PTC and crowd sourcing sites are concerned, and everyone has the right to walk away too. Well I am sick of spending time fretting about the injustice of the situation as I see it, and I know the time has come for me to walk away.


So there you have it.  I’ve now reached the end of my PTC journey.  It’s been an interesting and in places rocky ride, but I have learned a great deal along the way.

If just one person who has read my blog over the last few years has managed to make a little extra money as a result of the information I have shared then I have achieved exactly what I set out to. But now I feel things have changed in the PTC world to such a point that if I continue to promote PTC sites generally I will be guilty of misleading people. I'm also sick of wasting my time for virtually no gain.  Life’s too short!

I have deleted my accounts at all the PTC sites I was previously involved with apart from Hits4 Pay and Deals n Cash. I still consider both of these legit sites to be worth promoting to others, as once you have an active group of referrals working with you, it is possible to make an extra $100 or so each month in exchange for around 20 minutes of your time each week tops.

All that is left for me to do now is to thank all of the people who have taken the time to read and comment on my blog over the years and I wish you every success in the future.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

PTC Investigation Closed

Earlier today I tried to log in to, as I frequently do for reference purposes, only to discover that the site is no more. There is a lengthy message on the site from the owner explaining the reasons why.

Considering the site has had to recover from 3 DDOS attacks, and deal with negative comments from numerous disgruntled users on a day to day basis, I personally am not surprised the decision has been taken not to continue. It was a similar scenario with PTC Society several months ago – and whatever happened to GPT Boycott? These two sites were also a very useful reference point when checking out whether or not a PTC site was really as reputable as it claimed to be, but they are no longer in existence.

It seems such a shame that people who are genuinely trying to make a difference and help others make informed choices about GPT sites are pretty much forced into giving up because of the actions of the unscrupulous minority.

Overall the PTC industry has a pretty bad reputation for not paying members for all their hard work and/or closing their accounts without warning. Sure there are a handful of reputable sites where you can earn a steady stream of extra cash each day, but the vast majority are here today gone tomorrow. This was something that PTCI was not afraid to address with its brutally honest reviews and comments from existing members.

I know the site owner has taken a certain amount of criticism over the years – but it seemed to me that this was generally not because what was published was incorrect, but more because people did not want to believe what was being said. All too often loyal PTC members who have invested a great deal of time and effort will defend a failing site and ignore all the warning signs, purely because it’s easier than accepting it’s time to cut their losses and walk – as hard and unfair as this may be.

It is for all the above reasons and more that it is absolutely crucial that anyone considering joining a new PTC site does their homework before they invest any time (and certainly any money) in it.

So I would like to end by saying thank you to the owner of PTC Investigation – and good luck with whatever you decide to do in the future. I’m sure a great deal more people appreciated the views expressed on your site than you will probably ever know. 

Monday, 30 September 2013

How to make money selling Amazon products

Here is the information previously available on my Best Paying PTC website where I explain how you can earn money through the Amazon Associate Program. I personally joined this program just over a year ago and have managed to earn a steady income from it combined with the money I make from PTC sites.


How would you like to earn multiple commissions selling Amazon products without ever having to speak to a customer or handle any stock? Well this is exactly what you will be able to do when you join the Amazon Associate program. And the great news is it is absolutely free to register and there are none of the expenses you would normally associate with having your own online store.

The two main advantages of linking up with an internet giant like Amazon are that (1) they are a household name - just about everyone on the planet has heard of them and (2) most people trust them and would not have any hesitation in buying from them if the price was right.

Once upon a time Amazon was only seen as a market place for books. However if you take a look at the Amazon website nowadays you will find thousands of different products for sale, spanning a wide range of categories from jewellery to outdoor pursuit equipment.

How to join the Amazon Associate Program

Before you can be accepted as an Amazon Associate you will need to have your own blog or website. 

If you do not already have your own blog a free program you can use is the Google Blogger tool. If you already have a Google Mail account, you can use your existing details to create a blog, by going into your account, then selecting products/Blogger. If you do not have a Google account you will need to create one first.

Don’t worry if you need some more detailed information about how to set up your own blog or website, because I am going to give you access to a complete  guide showing you exactly how to register as an Amazon Associate and set up your own site a little later on. 

Once you have registered your site, joining the Amazon Associate program is a very simple and straight forward process - and it is completely free. 

Choosing what products to sell on your site or blog

Before you start to search for an available domain name you will need to do some research into what type of products you want to sell. Here you have two choices:

(1) You could consider developing a site about something of interest to you and incorporate related Amazon products within it. For example, if you already have or wish to start a website about dog grooming, you could select a range of products from the pet supplies/dogs category to promote alongside of your content, as this would obviously be of interest to your readers.

(2) Alternatively you could set up a stand alone blog or website selling a targeted range of Amazon products only. If this is the route you choose to go down you will first need to choose a category from the Amazon range, then do some research about what kind of products people are actively searching for within that category the most. All of this information is available through the Amazon website, but you could also try searching for best selling products in the same category through Ebay to give you an even better idea of what products or product ranges to target.

It is advisable to steer well clear of promoting extremely popular items such as the Xbox 360 (for example), as you would find yourself competing with the major online retailers for a high position in the search engines. However you may well find there is a relatively undiscovered market for selling certain Xbox accessories and genres of games which you could tap into.

How to add Amazon affiliate code

Once you have registered your domain name and been accepted into the Amazon Associate program you will be given access to a complete range of tools to help you, plus your own unique affiliate ID. From here you can select what ever product you would like to sell from the entire Amazon range. For each product you select you will be given a small piece of code embedded with your affiliate ID which you can then go on to place on your website or blog.

To increase your chances of making a sale you could also add reviews alongside of your featured products. 

Every time anyone visits Amazon through one of your links and makes a purchase (or several purchases) you will be paid commission on what ever they buy. This means you could end up earning multiple commissions for items you have not personally advertised, simply by linking one of your visitors to the Amazon site!

Amazon Associate training course  *****Highly recommended

If you are interested in learning how to make a steady income as an Amazon affiliate, experienced marketer  Kurt Chrisler has put together an excellent video training program called the Niche Review Website Blueprint.

This detailed step by step 10 part course walks you through every aspect of setting up an Amazon affiliate site in a very user friendly format.

Some of the topics covered include
  • How to identify the best Amazon products to sell and find untapped niches
  • How to choose the best domain names and set up your own website.
  • How to write your site content so it will rank highly in the search engines
  • Tips and tricks about how to write the kind of reviews that will make your visitors want to click through and buy!
  • Additional methods of driving targeted visitors to your site
  • Additional ways of monetizing your Amazon site.
By the end of the course you will have your own complete Amazon affiliate store set up and all the information you require to repeat the process again if you want to branch into selling different ranges of Amazon products.

Take a look for yourself.

As I said at the start, it's a really good way to increase your earnings when run alongside of PTC sites and surveys and it doesn't cost anything to set up.

Good luck!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Clix Sense Offers And Tasks - Are They Worth It?

As regular visitors to this blog will know, I am a big fan of trusted PTC site Clix Sense. Over the 5 years I have been involved with PTC, it is one of only a handful of sites that has not only stayed in existence, but has developed and improved.

The introduction of the paid tasks and offers the other year turned Clix Sense into a much more serious earning opportunity than many of its competitors. But before I go any further, for the benefit of anyone who is not familiar with Clix Sense, here is a brief overview of what tasks and offers are.

What are Clix Sense Tasks?

Throughout the day every day a number of different tasks are made available in the corresponding section of the Clix Sense website. They generally pay between $0.01 and $0.24 each. The tasks are not provided directly by Clix Sense, but by an outsourcing company called Crowd Flower. The length and topic of each task varies as does the amount of tasks available to you depending on which country you live in. Some of the tasks only take a few minutes to complete, whereas others take around 15-20 minutes.

What are Clix Sense Offers?

There are several different offer walls available through Clix Sense, and some of the offers appear on multiple walls. The offers are typically much higher paying than the tasks, averaging between $0.30 for an offer where you are required to submit your details to be entered into a prize draw, through to $1.50 for completing surveys on behalf of companies such as Samplicious, SSI and GFK. You can also earn between $0.01 and $0.05 for watching short promotional videos every day.

This all sounds great on the surface doesn’t it? And it is indeed true – if you know what to look for, you can realistically earn 20-30 times more from Clix Sense by completing tasks and offers than you would by clicking PTC ads alone. However, if you get it wrong you can end up wasting hours of your precious time for very little reward.

Rule #1 – Be Selective

Where the tasks are concerned, there are basically two different categories. The first type of task is very straightforward and usually only takes 1 or 2 minutes to complete. All you are required to do is perform a Google search for a specific website, then answer a series of questions about the site. These tasks generally pay around $0.07 each and enable members (certainly from the UK) to earn between $0.70 - $1.40 every day. In my opinion, these are the only type of task you should consider doing.

The second type of task requires you to go through a series of training questions before you are allowed to continue. If your accuracy levels are not considered high enough you will be banned from continuing with the task and in most cases, you do not receive any pay. This is an area that causes many complaints of unfair and inconsistent treatment by Crowdflower in the Clix Sense forum. These tasks typically pay between $0.01 and $0.14 and each one can realistically take you 15-20 minutes to complete. That’s around $0.40 for 1 hour’s work! I know times are hard for a lot of people, but who in all honesty wants to work for this amount?

When it comes to offers, I have been criticised for saying this in the Clix Sense forum, but I stand by my comments and I will say it again... 90% of the offers found on the offer walls are a total waste of time! The vast majority require you to provide all kinds of personal information in the first instance, dangling the carrot of entering you into a prize draw to win some impressive prizes, in addition to paying you. The trouble is they don’t always pay you if you don’t first sign up for some product or service. If you are interested in the product that’s on offer then fine – you can earn yourself an extra dollar or two for signing up and it’s a bonus. If all you are interested in is being entered into a prize draw, then go and buy some raffle tickets for a local charity! It will be much less stressful and you won’t be giving away a stack of personal information to people you don’t know either.

With many of the offers it is compulsory to provide your phone number in order to get paid – but do this at your peril! Within hours of giving your number you will be plagued by nuisance phone calls from a wide range of companies for weeks afterwards. You should also have a dedicated e mail address for the purpose of any offers you complete; as your e mail address will invariably be passed on to other parties and you will be bombarded with spam.

Other offers will only pay you if you first install intrusive software on to your PC – and leave it there for a set number of days. Many Clix Sense members have complained of having their PCs infected with malware after they have gone ahead and done this… and all for what? 50 or 60 cents? It really isn’t worth the aggravation.

The only offers I get involved with through Clix Sense are the paid surveys and some of the video offers too. The surveys can be found under both the ClixOffers  and Peanut Labs offer walls. Although you are occasionally screened out at the final hurdle, which is highly frustrating, generally speaking if you take surveys through SSI, Opinion Surveys, Samplicious, Survey Head and Give Us Your 2 Cents under the ClixOffers wall and any surveys (not offers) included in the Peanut Labs offer wall, you will get paid. These surveys pay between $0.50 and $1.50 each and take on average between 5 to 15 minutes to complete.

The videos pay a great deal less (between $0.01 and $0.05 per video), but you do not need to provide any personal details whatsoever in order to get paid. These can be found under the video section of the Token Ads and Super Rewards walls and through Peanut Labs too. One word of warning here though - make sure you check the timer at the start of each video. Just lately the odd video lasting in excess of 9 minutes has been slipping through the net. I don’t object to clicking on a video lasting 20-30 seconds that pays me $0.01 - $0.02, but 10-12 minutes for the same amount is taking liberties.

Rule #2 - Don’t Fall Into the Trap of Working for Peanuts

I know there are some Clix Sense members (mainly from the US, Canada and the UK) who successfully complete hundreds of tasks every day – and good luck to them. But what a lot of people lose sight of when they are furiously clicking new ads and completing these low paid tasks is the amount of time they are actually spending versus what they are earning. When I first started working on Clix Sense tasks I worked it out that for 1 hour’s work I was earning in the region of $1.70 (£1.00) and completing around 20 tasks. Now admittedly there will be people who work a lot faster than me, but to complete 200 tasks per day my guess is that you must need to work for 8-10 hours and your earnings will probably not reach much more than $20. I may be wrong and if anyone knows differently they are welcome to post a comment!

So in conclusion, my advice is by all means to look at any new offer or task that appears in the Clix Sense member’s area, but be extremely selective about which you actually embark on – and even more selective about what personal information you give out.

It is possible to increase your Clix Sense earnings by completing tasks and offers, but most people will never make any kind of serious money doing it – certainly not when you measure the amount of time you have to spend against what you are actually earning. 

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My PTC Review of 2012

Well here we are at the start of 2013 so what better way to start this month’s post than by wishing all of my readers a very happy, healthy, peaceful and successful new year.

This afternoon I visited the PTC Investigations website and I noticed the admin has put together a short film highlighting some of the highs and lows in PTC land for 2012. It was interesting but also sad to see that of the 112 sites reviewed by PTCI over the last year, 77 have ended up either disappearing without trace or have been filed under the “not recommended” category.

This kind of inspired me to write my own personal review of 2012.

Looking back at 2012 it’s been rather a mixed year in the PTC world – and certainly a year that has left me feeling more than a little disillusioned with the whole industry on more than one occasion.

But let’s start with the positive and here is a list of my top sites for 2012. All of these sites pay via Paypal and all have been around for more than 5 years. Another big plus point is you do not need to log in every day in order to get paid for your referrals activities.

1 – Clix Sense

My personal number one vote has to go to Clix Sense. Throughout 2012 this site has just got better and better and has consistently provided its 2 million+ members with more opportunities to increase their daily earnings. Speaking from experience, since the introduction of the daily tasks and surveys my Clix Sense earnings have quadrupled from what they were this time last year. Couple this with the unlimited number of PTC ads made available every day, the 8 level affiliate program, the Clix Grid and daily bonuses – this site really has become a much more serious online earning opportunity for people from almost every country in the world than almost all of its competitors. If you only decide to join one PTC site – then you should join Clix Sense.

These two sites (both owned by the same company) are without a doubt the easiest and least time consuming PTC sites to be involved in. They operate in a simple way. With Deals n Cash you earn $0.01 per click and the same for every ad your referrals click. With Hits 4 Pay you earn $0.02 for each ad you click and $0.01 for each referral click down two levels. There are no upgrades and no frills, and if you forget to log in every day you will be sent e mail reminders telling you when there are paid ads waiting for you. Nice and simple – and above all both sites are steady, reliable payers.

3 – Link Grand

This is the one PTC site where you do not need to have a stack of referrals to benefit from being an upgraded member. Upgrades start from a very affordable $2 for 4 months and this gives you instant access to all the regular $0.003 ads as well as a bunch of ads paying $0.006 too. New ads are published frequently throughout the day and there is also money to be won by viewing the daily billboards. Payments are made within 24 hours of requesting once your balance reaches $5.

4 – Bux P

This is another site that just goes from strength to strength and has over the last year opened its doors to a number of countries who were previously unable to register with many PTC sites. Most days you can expect to see at least 60 ads and new ads are constantly published throughout the day. In addition to the many PTC ads you can also earn money by viewing and rating videos. Free members can have an unlimited number of referrals which is another bonus. 2013 promises to be an even more exciting year for Bux P so if you are not already a member it’s well worth joining.

So that’s the good news – and of course there are many other sites not listed here that are worth joining. But for me, 2012 was also a year of disappointments where PTC sites are concerned.

I think one of the biggest disappointments of the PTC year was the demise of PTC Box (and Matrix Mails from the same admin). It all looked so promising with PTC Box until around September 2012, or to be more precise about a month after the admin encouraged all  his members to pay for upgraded memberships “before the price goes up” (quote). I hold my hands up – I was one of the people who believed the hype - and lost money as a result. But then less than a month later everything went horribly wrong. I doubt we will ever know the real truth, but I am pretty sure there was more to this story than the admin having his Paypal account frozen. Although many of PTC Box’s loyal members tried to blame Paypal for the downfall of both of these sites and not the site admin, in my opinion the fact that he went underground and did not have the decency to apologise to members about what had happened (or at the very least keep them updated) after taking thousands of dollars from them proves he must have something to hide.

I was one of many members who previously recommended others to join the Infinity Bux “family” of sites – but not any more! I think the expression here is biting off more than you can chew. First it was their Alert Pay that was limited, then members could not cash out until they had $10 in their accounts, then they could not cash out at all…I for one cut my losses in the end and put my hard earned cash back into some advertising clicks before walking away from these sites for ever.

Jill’s Click Corner is another site I had a bad experience with last year. A couple of months ago I went to log into my account only to find my user name and password were no longer valid. I contacted the site admin and was informed that I had tried to access my account from another country – which is against their terms. Knowing this to be untrue I wrote back to say there must have been some mistake and asked if they would reinstate my account. They wrote back (as good as telling me I was a liar) and showed me proof of my account being accessed from two different countries to my own. I once again wrote back and said I had no knowledge of this, and could only think someone had fraudulently accessed my account. They wrote back and told me that because it had happened twice they would not restore my membership. Fortunately I had only just cashed out, but I wonder if they would have paid me what I was owed if I had still got some money in my account balance when they cancelled my membership? I have since been unable to cash out at Donkey Mails - also on the same network as JCC. From now on I shall never recommend either of these sites to anyone again. Having done a bit of digging I see there are numerous other complaints of a similar nature posted on various forums about both of these PTC sites dating back over the last few years. I take the view that if they could pull a stunt like this on me after being a loyal member for over 4 years they could just as easily do it to others.

I also waved goodbye to Neobux and Get Bux Today in the latter part of 2012. I should point out that both of these sites are legitimate and paying, but they weren’t working well for me. The main reason I quit was because I was sick of being penalized for not logging in every day (don’t they understand life gets in the way sometimes?). I also felt as if I was banging my head against a brick wall as my referrals were leaving as soon as they had joined. This made it a thankless task – especially at Neobux where most of the ads only pay $0.001 - and meant it took an eternity to reach cashout. I dabbled with renting referrals at Neobux but ended up losing money and Get Bux Today ignored my requests to change my payment processor from Payza to Paypal (something about it being in their terms that you could not alternate). As I live in the UK, Payza is as good as useless to me – and it also meant my Get Bux Today earnings were not accessible either.

In conclusion, for 2013 I have decided to streamline the number of PTC sites I am involved with. Any that only pay via Payza are a no-go area for me, which narrows things down rather dramatically, but I am quite happy to carry on using my top sites (some of which are listed at the start of this post) and just keep building on what I have got. I am also thinking about casting my net wider and looking at other ways of earning both online and offline, so blog posts may not be quite as frequent over the next year as they have been to date.

Many thanks for reading as always – and do let me know your thoughts. Have you had a good year or a bad year with PTC sites? Are there any other money making opportunities that are working well for you?

Here’s to your success for 2013!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Exciting New Program From the Owners of Word Linx

With so many PTC sites starting up then disappearing without trace it was really positive news to receive an e mail from the admin of established site Word Linx the other week telling members the site has recently celebrated its 9th birthday.

I have been a member of Word Linx for several years now and even though it does not generate as much income for me every month as ClixSense, Hits 4 Pay and Bux P, it is certainly a reliable, steady earning PTC site with an excellent reputation for paying members on time every time.

My personal favourite aspects of Word Linx are:

  • The generous 10 tier referral system it operates.
  • The fact that members are rewarded for sharing ads they particularly like with others on social networking sites.
  • The way the site keeps on going from strength to strength and contantly improving and developing.
And to tie in with the last point above, as part of Word Linx’s 9th birthday celebrations, the site owner has announced the pre launch of (what sounds like)  an exciting new money making program called Referral Banners.

This is not going to be a PTC program, but it is an advertising program that is totally free to join. Members who join now stand to make money on autopilot down 10 levels when the site goes live early in 2013. Not only this, but anyone who joins whilst Referral Banners is in pre-launch will instantly be credited with $10 in their account to help kick start their earnings.

So how will Referral Banners work? 

Basically there are going to be two main types of user of this program – the advertisers who pay to have their banners displayed on other people’s websites and the affiliates who either get paid for simply displaying the advertisers’ banners on their website and/or referring others to the program.

People who have their own blog or website certainly stand to make the most money out of Referral Banners, but even without your own site you can make money.

As with all new money making programs, only time will tell how successful Referral Banners turns out to be, but with the excellent reputation Word Linx has built up over the years and their experience in the field of online advertising, my guess is the site owners have done their homework before pre-launching another program.

Take a look and let me know what you think – it would be great to hear your views!

Thank you for reading as always – and I will be back with more of the same next month!

Jill Webb

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Do paid surveys pay more than PTC sites?

I have recently received a number of e mails from people asking me why I spend so much time promoting making money from PTC sites when paid survey sites pay a great deal more.

As someone who has a great deal of experience using both paid survey sites and PTC sites to earn extra cash, I have decided to throw some light on this issue.

First of all I have to admit that as an individual it is indeed possible to make more taking paid surveys than it is clicking ads on a PTC site. The average amount earned through a genuine market research company is around $3.30 (£2) for 10 minutes of your time, whereas with a PTC site you only stand to earn a handful of cents every 10 minutes.

However… as I have said many times before, both in this blog and on my Best Paying PTC website (and I will keep saying it again and again!), the only way to make real money from PTC sites is entirely dependant on how many active referrals you have working with you. The money you make as an individual from PTC sites could indeed be regarded as peanuts but you have got to look at the bigger picture and work out what  you could earn with  20… 30… 100… referrals in your downline! 

Let me give you one example:

Hits4Pay is a well respected PTC site that pays it’s members $0.02 for every ad they click and $0.01 for every ad their referrals click. The average number of ads made available each day is 5, meaning the average figure you as an individual will earn is 10 cents per day. 10 cents for 2 -3 minutes of clicking may seem like a total waste of time. But now imagine you have 50 referrals all clicking 5 ads each day too. Your daily income has instantly risen by $2.50, without you having to lift a finger! That’s $75 a month residual cash. And 50 referrals is a conservative figure. Once you’ve built up to 100 referrals you are looking at monthly earnings of at least $150... $300 for 200 referrals... and so it goes on.

And there I am just talking about one PTC program! If you join 10 other programs and have 200 referrals repeating the same process... well I’m sure you can work it out for yourself!

In my experience, the focus of most genuine market research sites is not to provide a profitable affiliate program for their panelists - it is purely to collect data for their clients.  Whilst many companies operate what are known as refer a friend programs, where you are rewarded for providing the names and e mail addresses of a small number of personal friends who you personally have invited to join the site, wide scale promotion is frowned upon.

The complete reverse could be said of PTC sites.

When you weigh up all the pros and cons you will see that whilst the earning potential for an individual is much higher from a paid survey site, the overall earning potential from PTC sites is in actual fact higher.

Another point I want to make is that there is a massive difference between completing paid to sign up offers (often passed off as taking paid surveys) and taking part in online market research. You will find that genuine market research companies will pay you for answering specific questions about various products and services purely for the purpose of gaining your opinion, whereas the aim of most paid offers is to try and tempt you to sign up for some product or service in order to obtain your reward.

You should also never consider paying to join a paid survey company. I have never come across a genuine paid survey company yet who has asked for one penny from their panelists. They want to pay you – not the other way around!

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